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segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2014

Founder Institute trough our eyes!

Hello! As you may know, ClinkPic was born inside creative minds but it developed itself in an incredible program called the Founder Institute (FI). The FI is an acceleration problem for great ideas and also great entrepreneurs which helps you to build you company from a simple idea. And so it did for us! We got into this program hoping to learn as much as possible and to get as far as we could, and now, in the end, we got to the end of it and we are graduating the program with a company already created...this is truly remarkable! We started by being 25 entrepreneurs with some crazy ideas and a big lack of know how on how to get it done...In the end we are 9 companies with a group of extremely dedicated and knowledgeable entrepreneurs who are grinding and hustling to get their new companies to the top. We are now entrepreneurs with a much wider set of skills, knowledge about what to do and an amazing new network on where we can support ourselves, and all of this I can surely thank to my team and to the Founder Institute program. In my first session assignment I wrote that my objectives for the program were: First I wanted to validate my idea... which I surely did with a lot of hard work and push from FI. Secondly I wanted to find a co-founder for my company and it had to be someone who shared my ideas and vision. I did not found one co-founder, I actually found two with incredible an set of skills who complement me perfectly, and I can surely say that we are giving it all to make our dream real. Finally, I wanted to drink as much knowledge as I could from this program which I surely did because not only I have a new set of skills and experience on how to create and grow a business but I also got an amazing network and this is invaluable for any entrepreneur. We also formed an incredible group of entrepreneurs that actually work together to push every business forward, and at this point I can say that I've made friends which are incredible in what they do, and we'll surely keep helping each other in years to come. All of this to say that the Founder Institute is the real deal. With your commitment and dedication it gives you the power that you need to build a real tangible business for years to come. As the end of it draws near, I feel proud and truly pleased of having the chance to have finished this great program and to have built my company in it. I will surely recommend it whenever I'm asked. Now, let's get to work!

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